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The Betting Guy - Football Betting and Trading Advice and the occasional In Play Trade in the horses

Oct 31, 2018

Gee Whizzz another story about me losing money ... And boy did I do it gracefully ha ha ... Well if you consider crying in front of Claire on all fours with gravy, peas and carrots surrounding me on the carpet ... Ermm Good Times. 

Press that play button 

Lots of man love 


Oct 30, 2018

Premier League Review ....

Was it another profitable week for the betting nation ??! You Bet it was! Again it could of been so much better ... Last minute goals going against us but we cant complain 

Lots of man love 


Oct 29, 2018

Heres Motivational Monday ... Loads of take aways from the week ... I talk about habits again ... I know I know ... I do speak about these a lot but they are soooo Important. 

Any way win Monday and you will won the week. 

Lots of man love 


Oct 28, 2018

I know so many of you have been asking me to talk to this guy ... and I can tell you it was an absolute pleasure to talk to Ian ... I took so many notes. 

We take a deep dive in to his process and all the tools he uses, we left no stone unturned! 

Get a pen and a piece of paper and kick back and enjoy picking the brains...

Oct 27, 2018

Gooood Morning. 

We have two belting In Play Trades for you today ... Im am so confident with these two ... Find out why by pressing that play button

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