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The Betting Guy - Football Betting and Trading Advice and the occasional In Play Trade in the horses

Jul 30, 2018

Its here again ... Monday. Embrace the feeling, embrace Monday .. Make Monday, your playground, Make Mondays your bitch! You got this! 

Own Monday ... Own the Week! 

Betting Nation I love Mondays 

Click that play button

Lots of man love 


Jul 29, 2018

Betting Nation .... Really great episode ... However we dont have my jingle (technical issue ... But dont I will have this sorted for motivational Monday). 

We also have a discount for listeners to join his service ... I must admit it is well worth joining. 

Enjoy people :-) 

Lots of man love 


Jul 28, 2018

Yesss its Saturday ... One of my favourite days of the week :-) 

Click the play button as we have 2 great In Play Trades for you 

Lots of betting man love ... In Fact Boom Boom Boom :-)


Jul 27, 2018

Honestly gives me great pleasure to welcome Mike Holden to the podcast! 

I really enjoyed having a chat to Mike, we talked about mindset, strategy, what stats are the most reliable and tons more. Im sure whatever level of Betting you are at you will get a lot out of this episode ... Really hope you enjoy Part 1 of 2...

Jul 23, 2018

The episode so many of you have been asking for ... Dobbing, what the heck is dobbing?!

Well im glad you asked ... In this episode I tell you all about it. 

Please any questions hit me up at

If you have questions so will others, you can help me help others :-)

Lots of Betting Man love...