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The Betting Guy - Football Betting and Trading Advice and the occasional In Play Trade in the horses

Mar 31, 2018

What a Sunday to look forward to -

Arsenal V Stoke 

Did you know - Arsenals last 10 home matches against bottom 6 teams reads like this … Played 10 - Won 9 - Drew 1 - Lost -0

Chelsea V Spurs 

Did you know - Spurs have actually lost 7 /11 away games to top 6 teams

Wow ... i cant wait for this one ... Click play 


Mar 29, 2018

Greetings from Vegas ... Loving the Vegas Baby! 

I have a great podcast for you ... Well, I went on a rant about the West Ham Fans but apart from its a great pod :-)

4 Games previewed and the stat of the podcast is Bournemouth have kept just one clean sheet in their last 22 games .. Wow

Click that play button, lots of...

Mar 28, 2018

Ok ..... So I have to say this is most certainly a natural and authentic podcast ... Im in a hotel room near Heathrow ... With the family :-) Its a tough record but this is me with my awesome family. Who by the way ... just wanted to goal bowling ... Haha 

We have some cracking trades and a cracking bet in part 1...

Mar 26, 2018

Im really looking forward to this game ... and im convinced there is a good bet to be had in it. 

Click that play button ... Come on England!! 

Lots of man love


Mar 26, 2018

Ok Betting Nation ... This is one I think you'll enjoy ... It hurt reliving this terrible day ... But I enjoyed it never the less. 

Let me know your thoughts on this guys ... If you like I will do more, you are literally in charge of this podcast :-) 

Enjoy my heart breaking ;-)

Lots of man love